Life Benefit Solutions is committed to serving Indigenous communities with respect, integrity and accountability. We value our time spent visiting clients, and respect the land, culture and traditions of the Indigenous Peoples.

We acknowledge that Indigenous Peoples have unique needs and therefore have customized a comprehensive benefit solution to bridge the healthcare gaps of government programs. Our time in the community has provided us the opportunity to learn the culture and traditions. By listening to community members share their specific needs, we have customized our group benefits program to ensure the plan aligns to serve Indigenous Peoples. We take the time to get to know members through department visits, educational workshop, employee meetings, education seminars and virtual meetings, which makes our work so much more impactful.

Taking Action

  • By educating our team members on the history, culture and land of Indigenous Peoples and incorporating cultural awareness training for all staff in the organization.
  • Partnering with local Indigenous employment agencies and colleges, we strive to recruit talent at all levels of the organization. We pride ourselves on having an inclusive office environment and value the diversity that each employee brings to the table.
  • Respecting the value of Indigenous businesses here in Canada by supporting local Indigenous artisans, motivational speakers and vendors. We continue to track our progress along the way as we build our network of local Indigenous vendors.
  • Providing regular on-site visits and education seminars allows us the opportunity to build relationships and connections with community members. We value the importance of community and take pride in being able to support events such as feasts, powwows and Treaty days.
Progressive Aboriginal Relations Poster