Benefit Plan

First Nation organizations with Status and Non-Status employees need special benefits

From addressing taxability issues, to working with Non-Insured Health Benefits, it takes more than a good insurance broker to work on your benefits. We provide Group Insurance and Pension Plans to First Nation Organizations across Canada. Our team of experts are available to assist Employers and the Employees navigate through their Group Insurance and Pension needs.

What makes us different?

We specialize in designing programs that carve around NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) in providing coverage for status employees that creates equality for status and non-status employers. We have a team of enthusiastic high achievers who are dedicated to creating a positive client experience.

Is it time you tested your plan?

Employer after employer, large or small, we are able to offer lower pricing with increased service. The LIFE Benefit Plan is an exclusive program, so the plan design and pricing is only available directly through us.

Features Include

  • Health & Dental coordination with NIHB
  • Long Term Disability claim submission and assistance
  • Service Specialists who are dedicated to servicing
  • Service Agreement which helps to ensure that the Employer’s expectations are met or exceeded
  • Traditional Healers recognized as providers under the Employee Assistance Program
  • On-line access for Employees and Employers
  • Employee meetings
  • Plan Administrator Training
  • Rate and Renewal analysis
  • Retirement transition
  • WebEx, we conduct quarterly on-line learning opportunities for Plan Administrators and Staff
  • Assistance with reporting: Annual Information Returns, Band Employee Benefits, Employee Insurance Rate Reduction.
  • Localized Annual Workshops
  • Annual National Conference

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