Additional Term Life Insurance

Providing you with additional low-cost protection.

Even though your group insurance plan provides you and your family with comprehensive coverage, it may not be meeting all your needs. That’s why Life Inc.’s Optional Term Life Insurance is so valuable – it allows you to increase your insurance coverage at low rates, to reflect your needs.

How It Works

Coverage will take effect as soon as our insurance company confirms your application is approved and payment is received.

Insuring Your Spouse

The loss of your spouse can have a devastating effect on your ability to meet your financial obligations. This is especially true if you rely on two incomes to maintain your family’s lifestyle. In a case like this, spousal life insurance may be essential to replace lost income.

Cost Advantages

Term Life insurance rates are lower than many other life insurance rates and guaranteed, so you know what you’re getting when you apply. The chart below shows the premium range you and your spouse would pay, per month, for coverage you choose. Premiums are guaranteed not to change for 15 years.

Examples of monthly premium for additional $100,000 of term life insurance

Age of Employee or Spouse Male – NS* Female – NS*


Disclaimer: Rates provided by Assumption Life


  • You and your spouse are both eligible for this additional coverage if you are under the age of 70
  • Optional Term Life Insurance coverage between $50,000 $4,000,000.
  • Most coverage options don’t require medical exams so coverage is put in place easily and quickly
  • If you remain totally disabled, you may be eligible for waiver of premium. If you are approved you won’t have to pay premiums on your coverage for the time you are disabled
  • The cost of this additional coverage is very low, and you pay your premiums though pre-authorized bank withdrawals.
  • If you change jobs, your coverage remains in place without any medical exams or tests.

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